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now including FREE computer valet

Your computer refresh will help your computer run faster, smoother and be more power efficient due to not having to run things that you don't want or need. See the full Computer refresh check list for yourself:

Case & Chassis

·         Cooling Check

·         Cable Tidying

·         Replace Missing Screws

·         Replace Blanking Plates

·         Tighten Screws



·         Cable Check

·         Check Expansion Card Seating

·         Port Cleaning


System Checks

·         Check Event Logs

·         Check System Restore Operation

·         Check Drivers

·         Activation Check

·         Power Settings Review


·         Check Switch & LED Operation

·         PSU Health Check


·         Check Audio Output

·         Check Internal Speaker

·         Check Free Disk Space

·         Check Memory Expansion

·         Check Running Temperature

·         Defragment Hard Drive

·         CMOS Battery Check

·         RAM (Random Access Memory) Test

·         Check Monitor Output

·         USB2 & USB3 Port Testing

·         Check Hard Disks For Errors

Malware Checks & Removal

·         Full Virus Scan

·         Full Spyware Scan

·         Adware Removal

·         Firewall Check

·         Update Windows Defender

·         Virus Software Check

·         Tracking Cookie Removal


·         Browser Updates

·         Flash Install or Update

·         Java Install or Update

·         PDF Reader Install or Update

·         Windows Updates

·         Office Updates


Unwanted Files and add-ons

·         Check Event Logs

·         Clean Start Up Programs

·         Registry Cleaning

·         Remove Error Logs

·         Remove Redundant Files

·         Remove Old Restore Points

·         Remove Old Shortcuts



·         Remove Unwanted Toolbars

·         Reset Security

·         Remove Temp files

·         Clear Browser Cache

note: Not all checks will be appropriate for all types of machine.


Your free full PC valet includes:

● CD/DVD Head Cleaning ● Exterior Case Cleaning ● Fan & Filter Cleaning

● Heat Sink Cleaning ● Interior Case Cleaning ● Power Supply Cleaning


After your refresh you will receive a report with any suggestions that will make your computing experience better, quicker and safer.


All this for just 


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Your Computer Centre is based in North Shields and offers services to the surrounding areas including Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Wallsend. We specialise in PC repairs, laptop repairs, Computer repairs, xbox 360 repairs, PS3 repairs, Nintendo Wii repairs, Nintendo DS repairs, iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, mobile phone repairs, tablet repairs and web design. Based in North Shields, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. Stocking a selection of PC hardware and software and printer ink and cartridges through our partners at Jettec. Whether it be a laptop charger, cracked screen or virus drop in and see how we can help.


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